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Jefferson County, West Virginia
Gateway to the Shenandoah Valley

Unit Numbers for
Fire / Rescue / EMS, and Law Enforcement

Updated 08-04-23

Fire / Rescue / EMS
Company Numbers
P25 Dispatch Talk Group – 1501 * (with analog simulcast on 153.8600 Mhz)
TAC and Command Talk Groups - 1533 thru 1539 *

- Friendship Fire Company, Harpers Ferry
- Citizens Fire Company, Charles Town
- Shepherdstown Fire Company
- Independent Fire Company, Ranson
- Blue Ridge Mountain Fire Company**
- Middleway Fire Company**
- Bakerton Fire Company**
- Jefferson County Emergency Services Agency, Ranson

**Note: As of 03-01-2023, all EMS (Ambulance) services are provided by The County, as voted on by your county commission. The volunteer fire companies that once provided these services on a primary basis now operate in a support capacity to the County. As a result, there are no ambulances housed in Blue Ridge, Middleway, or Bakerton Volunteer Fire Stations. Also, billing for Ambulance services provided by The County are 'hard-billed'. These changes had nothing to do with the fire companies - they were voted upon by your county commission.

(Fire stations are private companies, and are not departments of the County Government)

Unit numbers customarily follow the format ’Descriptor Number’.  Descriptors include Engine, Rescue, Lieutenant, and so-on.  Number is the Company’s number, or hyphenated number beginning with the Company’s number.  Hyphenated numbers are used when more than one piece of apparatus or officer fitting a descriptor exists in the same Company.

Some County employees are assigned 4-digit numbers in the 1900-range.
Law Enforcement
Officer unit number ranges
P25 Dispatch Talk Group – 1507 & 1509*

- Charles Town City
- Ranson City
- Harpers Ferry / Bolivar City
- Jefferson County Sheriff’s Dept.
- Shepherd University
- Shepherdstown City

Unit numbers are assigned within the 1-, 10-, or 100-number ranges shown above, starting with the number shown.

Sheriff’s Department Police Reserve members have 1- or 2-digit numbers prefixed with an ’R’ (as in R-10).

State Police unit numbers are 2- or 3-digit numbers assigned state-wide.  They are separate from the scheme above.

* P25 Digital Trunked System - See our Frequencies page for the frequency list for Jefferson County’s system.

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Jefferson County now uses a CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) system.  Among other things, the CAD system links Dispatch directly with the units via a visual terminal.  This limits the amount of information provided on-air.  So, be prepared to hear the phrase, "Details on CAD" in place of the previously-customary supplemental information.  Also, Fire/Rescue/EMS dispatch procedures have become more standardized.  Generally, you'll hear call area info, and the call type, followed by the tones used to activate pagers, and then more complete dispatch information, which is usually heard only one time.  This will likely be the only time that specific location information will be provided, unless it is asked for later by a responding unit, or the dispatch is upgraded to include additional units.  Units rely more on CAD than they do audio dispatch info, and widely varying volume levels and voice clarity often hinder reception and comprehension.